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Chat App | Basic App | MVVM Project Structure

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Xamarin Forms Chat App

This is a complete Chat App developed in Xamarin.Forms. It follows the MVVM pattern. This project includes C# serverside chathub implementation using SignalR. You can easily integrate this code to your existing or new project.
Key Features
  • Structure with MVVM
  • SignalR Implementation
  • Local notifications
  • Showing typing indicator
  • Online status
  • Easily integrate
  • Beautiful UI
  • iOS and Android

Xamarin Forms Basic App

This App provides a well defined project structure that needs for every xamarin forms application. It includes common pages that needs for every app like Login, Registration, Forgot Password, Profile list, Profile details and a navigation drawer page. It also includes service calls to get or post data from ms sql server.
Key Features
  • Beautiful XAML UI
  • Database operation
  • Post / Get Service data
  • Structure with MVVM
  • Registration page
  • Login page
  • Forgot password page
  • List page with paging
  • Detail page
  • Navigation drawer
  • iOS and Android